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Contact Macdepannageenligne: The advantage of being serviced remotely, online, is that you don't need to move your machines to go to a store sometimes far from home. And when it's a professional known and recognized by more than 1100 customers in French-speaking Switzerland, it's even better isn't it?

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The Apple world is my passion and it has become my profession. Beyond troubleshooting, my job is also prevention. I will explain how to avoid any return of the problem and how to take good habits for more fun with your Mac.

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For an advice, a personalized estimate or any other request, I am at your disposal.

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The reputation of Hautecoeur Dreams has been built since 2014 directly with clients in French-speaking Switzerland, from Geneva to Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux, Ollon... through the Apple business ofAUCOEURDUMAC.

Apple Home Assistance in Switzerland

Today, the online activity naturally complements the activity directly carried out at the customer's premises: the same level of service and quality is provided to you.

Be cautious, prefer online contact at the moment.
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