Macdepannageonline services

Macdepannageonline services

Why troubleshoot online

Macdepannage's online services:

An Apple computer expert (MacOs and IOS) works on your computer remotely, on your Mac immediately and efficiently! He always finds a solution to your computer problems, whether they are simple or complex.

Is your Mac working weird? You don't receive your e-mails or you can't send any more? Your photo library doesn't open anymore and seems damaged? Your iPhone no longer syncs with your Mac?

You can contact us to make an appointment. We intervene on your Mac computer for a fast and efficient computer troubleshooting.

Do you have any questions about Macdepannageenligne services?

Visit our site or contact us at the following numbers: +41 76 760 69 69 and +41 78 769 69 15

Macdepannageonline services
Join our nearly 1200 loyal customers since 2014 in presence in French-speaking Switzerland!

Some of my online services

Macdepannage servicesonline:

Online, it is theoretically possible to do a lot of things, but it can be much more complicated, depending on many things, starting with the level of autonomy of the Client on his Mac and the internet connection ... among other things. It is the consultant's job to find THE right solution, not mine but yours!

You lost data files

Can't find your documents on the desk or in the dinner? Are you afraid you've lost everything? Don't panic, it's most certainly recoverable but you must be quick and not manipulate the pimp before I do, you could engrave the evil, so bad there is, and most of the time it's just a reversible bad manipulation.

You no longer receive your emails

It often happens that emails stop arriving or being sent for no apparent reason. This is too often the case with Bluewin/swisscom messaging, which is overloaded, especially with the management of passwords rather ubuesque. I'll be able to put everything back on your Mac as well as on your iPhone and iPad.

You have error messages

You are overwhelmed by warning or error messages and your Mac doesn't work as before, for example the microphone doesn't work or messages appear on standby. Don't worry, I'll put everything back in order and you'll be back to the comfort of your Mac.

How to retrieve the iCloud password

Apple has set up a very well secured system with iCloud and my 1200 customers have no problems with... but beware, you must respect the rules, i.e. update email addresses and contact phones and manage your Apple hardware bills, because if you end up with an account blocked by Apple for security reasons, it will be too late to cry. In any case, though, don't you think, Mr. Chu, I'll be able to find the solution?

Your Mac is getting slower and slower

Apple's scam, the hard disks of the 21" iMacs are often 5400 rpm turntable disks, which is very slow. The problem is that recent versions of MacOs are not optimized for these drives at all, they are optimized for SSD drives 10 times faster and fully electronic. So you have to deal with the problem, directly or indirectly, I'll be there to advise you.

Your iPhone is out of sync

Your iPhone is no longer synchronized with your Mac or you don't know how to deal with Catalina and the disappearance of iTunes? I'll be able to help you put all this back in place and give you all the tips to make sure everything is done automatically and regularly.

Word no longer works

Word or Excel are standards... but standard is not a guarantee of quality. Who has not weighed in front of the message: this document cannot be retrieved ... Grr... Something to prefer Apple applications such as Pages or Numbers. In the meantime if they are essential to you, make do with them but follow my advice to avoid too many worries....

OfficeMac 2011 doesn't work anymore, what can I do?

Switching to Catalina makes your 2011 version of Office obsolete, you won't be able to use it anymore and therefore choose to upgrade to Office Mac 2019 or Microsoft Office 365, either a lifetime license or an annual subscription, each with its own advantages... but maybe it's time to switch to Pages, Numbers and Keynote which are much more fun and secure, trust me, while being compatible with their Microsoft equivalents.

Apple's photo library no longer opens

You have 30,000 pictures and the library refuses to open. Don't panic, there are several ways to fix this. But the photos are important and you need to make backups on several supports: iCloud, Time Machine and cloned hard disk. Imperative !

Skype no longer works

Since the buyout of Skype by Microsoft, Skype is a bit of a pain and the user interface of the Microsoft site is still as badly messed up and anti-ergonomic . Grr... something to get angry about, but I'll be able to put that back, by pestering Microsoft a bit (normal for a pro-apple), but I know why I like the Mac...

You can't retrieve your passwords

Ah ... the passwords, the terror of 90% of my clients. However, it has become much simpler with the Keychain, especially with Safari and iCloud which I strongly advise to use, as it is so reliable and powerful. You'll have no excuse for not managing dozens of different passwords and not knowing where to find them if you need them on the Mac or iPhone. Sure!!!

You want to sync your Music between iPhone and Mac

You have 30,000 pieces of music on your Mac and you'd like to listen to them on your iPhone... yes, but what if your iPhone isn't big enough and you don't want to take out an Apple Music subscription? There is a simple solution made by Apple, not well known, cheap and efficient, I will be able to set it up for you if you want !

Your Bluewin account no longer works

As mentioned above, the Swisscom/Bluewin couple is the model of what not to do in terms of messaging. but it is very developed in Switzerland and managing the worries inherent in this system is not far from 5% of my total activity, so complex to understand, badly fagoté and recurrent ... and still today mysteries remain.... ZERO pointed for Bluewin, prefer iCloud, Mails or ProtonMail but if possible avoid Bluewin or take a course to find out why it ... does not work ... or so badly ...

Applications no longer open

Sometimes applications that refuse to open crazy send you a message about a problem. Here again there are solutions, different depending on the nature of the application. Some can be downloaded again one by one, others will require a complete reinstallation of MacOS. Call me to restore the situation.

You've lost contact

Contacts are your address book on the Mac and iPhone, no question of losing them, but be careful to manage them well and not to do anything, like mixing first and last names and letting duplicates multiply. I'll be able to remove duplicates and enrich your Address Book with people who are important to you but who aren't all there...

Catalina update failed

Every year, MacOs evolves and it is normal to upgrade your Mac... as long as it is possible and compatible with your use of the machine and your budget. Some old applications, especially at Adobe or Microsoft, might not work anymore, so ... read what is written or trust me to manage all this and advise you.

How to record Youtube videos

Recording videos from sites like YouTube, or Vimeo or Dailymotion or even Facebook, it's very easy on Mac there are many applications to do it but the best one, I'll tell you which one it is and install it on your Mac and it's free! Trust me! and if you need you can automate it with Music or iTunes.

You want to make photo albums

You have a lot of photos and have been lost since switching from iPhoto to Photos, or you want to better manage the photo library, create albums and make prints. All this requires a real strategy and I'll be able to help you define and implement it, to your great delight.

You want to reinstall MacOS

You want to reinstall a clean version (Clean Install) of MacOs, but you don't know how to do it? Indeed there are precautions to take and a method to follow step by step! Trust me to help you to update your Mac without any risk of error, but first thing, make backups before!

How do I change my Apple ID?

If your Apple ID is an address, for example, which is doomed to disappear, or simply an address that you are abandoning or no longer like, it is possible to easily change your Apple ID. I'll help you to do it quickly and securely. A tip: don't mix addresses and providers... I'll explain it to you!

How to protect yourself

If your Apple ID is an address, for example, which is doomed to disappear, or simply an address that you are abandoning or no longer like, it is possible to easily change your Apple ID. I'll help you to do it quickly and securely. A tip: don't mix addresses and providers... I'll explain it to you!

At your service anywhere 24/7 depending on rates

Macdepannageenligne services are at the usual hourly rate of 60 Swiss Francs or Euros per hour.
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