Who is Macdepannageonline

Who is Macdepannageonline

Who's Macdepannageenligne?

Who's Macdepannageenligne?

I have a postgraduate degree in Mathematics, Management, Finance and Logistics and started my career as a computer scientist in 1980. For nearly 40 years, I worked in management information technology in large French and Swiss companies as a programmer analyst, then project manager, business analyst and organisation consultant at the State of Geneva.

In 2014, I started my entrepreneurial career by creating Hautecoeur Dreams, initially focused on Apple home support (Mac, iPhone and iPad) in French-speaking Switzerland, under the name of AUCOEURDUMAC.

I travelled on weekdays and sometimes on Saturdays, on roads and highways with my little Smart, and I acquired a large, loyal and enthusiastic clientele.

In March 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic, I expanded my activities to online support with a new entity MacOnlineTroubleshooting, open 24/7 (watch out for the night rates anyway)

This makes it possible to respond to short and precise requests that do not require travel.

During this 6 years, I have developed web design skills by developing websites with WordPress and a high quality professional website creation activity will be launched in a few months under the entity AUCOEURDUWEB.

Apple support can also be provided in well-equipped, co-working spaces that are close to your home, quiet and sanitized, for customers who cannot receive at home. That's why the MAC-O-ZEN initiated in January, but... delayed, cause you know, will be restarted in the fall if the pandemic has moved far enough away.

Having a Mac and pro software also opens the way for small creative jobs with high added value, which others, less well off or less gifted in computing and/or design, cannot do or have done without paying large sums of money. This is why the MICROSERVICES will now very quickly present a range of small creative jobs: logos, images, brochures, flyers, various letters, e-books, etc...

Finally, "last but not the least", (you have to have plans with 66 brooms!) a electronic shop will be set up, following the most modern and secure practices, and a site will serve as an example to help others build their own if they wish.

A website will be the official showcase of all these entities that are gradually being set up: 

  1. aucoeurdumac.com
  2. macdepannageenligne.com
  3. aucoeurduweb.net : website creation
  4. microservices.shop: computer micro services
  5. petitesboutiques.ch : creation of shops for small businesses 

And if you have ideas to keep me busy, or need ideas to keep YOU busy, let me know !

Who is Macdepannageenligne : Hautecoeur Dreams !


The implementation of the new entities of Hautecoeur Dreams will take place throughout the year 2020 and according to many parameters including Coronavirus.

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